Feb 05

Prepper Meetup Groups in West Virginia

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  1. Joseph Kanson

    Help me comunicate with W.V. preppers in my area. Near Martinsburg. Prior sevice to comunicate with.

    1. Don

      I live in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia about 45 mins from Martinsburg looking for and preppers that would like to meet up and start a group that would depend on each other.

      My phone number is 4804067973 and my name is Don. I am former military and have been prepping for almost 2 years now. I look forward to hearing from like minded preppers….

    2. Gennadij

      ProofHQ, a British company that sells tools to help reveiw design work, for example, has been remote from day one. The company has literally never had an office with employees in it, founder and CEO Mat Atkinson told GigaOM, explaining that having had an earlier experience starting a company with VC backing, he opted to bootstrap ProofHQ and avoid venture money, necessitating he skip the office as a budget-saving measure. Plus, he found a development team in distant Poland and wanted to be able to serve customers globally right from the outset. The result is a team spread from the west coast of America to the Middle Eastern country of Qatar.

  2. Steve Cronk

    I’m in Martinsburg, former Marine.

    1. Open

      Thanks Joan,Yea I usually prcduoe a rant like this when I pop a few beers and just hammer away at the keyboard. Usually the news will piss me off or something that I have read. Thanks for the compliments and yes I hate both parties but admire certain individuals on both sides of the spectrum.Nice site by the way Joan, I encourage you guys who read this blog to check it out, pretty interesting stuff and definitely relevant to the apocalypse!

  3. Karl Hildebrand

    Are there any groups in Northern WV? I live in Morgantown, WV have recently gotten interested in Survivalist/Prepper activities and do not know anyone in my area from Morgantown to Parkerburg to Clarksburg and back. I am an older person so not much on physical exersion but am X military and have lived through the 50s and 60s where my parents had a bomb shelter and we rotated food and supplies and stored water in case of nuclear war, so I have a little experience.

    1. Harold

      Just saw your website. Not to handy with new laptop.

    2. Harold

      Tried to email last night. Computer problems. Need a new one. Just got back on line.

  4. Kerry

    Former Army, in Fort Ashby, WV. Very interested in meeting others.

  5. H Markley

    We are in Northern WV also.

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