Feb 05

Prepper Meetup Groups in West Virginia

Map of all American Preppers Network and Partner meetup groups.

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  1. Joseph Kanson

    Help me comunicate with W.V. preppers in my area. Near Martinsburg. Prior sevice to comunicate with.

  2. Steve Cronk

    I’m in Martinsburg, former Marine.

  3. Karl Hildebrand

    Are there any groups in Northern WV? I live in Morgantown, WV have recently gotten interested in Survivalist/Prepper activities and do not know anyone in my area from Morgantown to Parkerburg to Clarksburg and back. I am an older person so not much on physical exersion but am X military and have lived through the 50s and 60s where my parents had a bomb shelter and we rotated food and supplies and stored water in case of nuclear war, so I have a little experience.

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